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Still have questions? Here are some frequently asked questions.

Where can I buy this cheese and do you ship?2019-04-28T18:25:24-04:00
  • Currently, our production capabilities allow us to have about 2 pop-ups in Philly every month. We are in the process of finding a larger space so we can stock the shelves of your local specialty grocer and ship throughout the country, stay tuned!
How long does the cultured butter last?2019-04-28T18:23:42-04:00
  • The butter can last for weeks in the refrigerator, months in the freezer and days on the counter. The flavor continues to evolve as it ages. For folks who enjoy a deeper complexity, feel free to push the limits of how long you age the butter!
Should I eat the mold?2019-04-28T18:22:42-04:00
  • Yes, it’s both delicious and safe to eat! The mold protects the cheese from the outside elements, while also providing the cheese with a unique flavor and aroma.  Fun fact, “penicillium candidum” is the strain of mold penicillin was invented from!
How should I store my cheese?2019-04-28T18:21:02-04:00
  • Cheese should NEVER be wrapped in plastic and should always be kept in wrapping that allows it to breathe properly.
How long does “The Bloomy White” last?2019-04-28T18:21:32-04:00
  • The cheese is at its peak when it is 3-5 weeks old. The rind forms a protective casing that when still intact, could allow the cheese to age for longer in a typical household refrigerator. Folks who like things extra funky could allow the cheese to age for longer as long as it is kept in its original packing, or appropriate cheese storage.